Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Blessing of a Funeral

This might sound a little strange, but one of the perks of my job is that I get to attend funerals on a regular basis.  Funerals afford us opportunities that normal life doesn't.   There is something powerful about being reminded of our mortality; and there is great benefit to focusing our attention on eternal realities.
Funerals can simultaneously infuse us with  a joy for living, a gratitude for the ways we have been blessed and a desire to do meaningful things with our lives; while at the same time creating for us a sense of urgency, a humility about our weaknesses, and an awareness of  the trivial things that occupy our mind and our time.
I especially love funerals that honor men and women of God.  Few things are as powerful as time spent reflecting on the lives of people who lived great stories; who lived with infectious joy, deep faith and confident hope.
Today I went to a funeral for a woman who loved God.  Now that's the kind of thing that is said about a lot of people at their funeral, but there was something different about this woman.  I only knew her a little, and I recognized that her faith was real and her love was genuine.  Women like Kay are rare, and I am grateful that God used Kay's funeral to remind me about the things that truly are important.    

  • Remember that the most important thing in life is your love for God. 
  • Remember that the second most important thing is your love for people, and not just some people like your family, but all people.  
  • Also remember that your life was meant to be lived with purpose. 
  • Remember that the things you fill your life with are a reflection of what you value most.    
  • And remember that your life here on earth is short, so don't let that be the end of your life.  (John 11:25-27)  

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